This bike belongs to Steve Latchford. He got the bug himself in the summer of 1981 when he bought a red/white350lc from a shop in Bury Lancs, and out of all the bikes he ever owned,He had the most fun on this one and like an idiot two years later as soon as it was paid for he part exchanged it for a 750 " silly boy" He knew the guy who bought his old 350 from the shop and unfortunately 3 weeks later the bike was crashed for the first time and written off, He was gutted . Anyway at the age of 42 in 2004 he bought a wreck and had a go at restoring it to as near standard as he could, I think you will agree she looks like she should, It is a 1980 350 lc.He tells me he nearly painted it in black,but after a bit of research found out that this colour was not vailable untill 1981. I have put up a before and after pick so you can see the work that must have gone in to this bike.

RD 350 LC