This is Scott No 103. He is from Stoke on Trent this is his 2nd year racing but his first on an LC he only races at Darley as it's local to him and he knows the track. I dont think his bike is well sorted, it's very standard even the clocks are stock LC as you can see, he is at a big disadvantage by haveing a standard seat, a low seat is a must for racing, giving a lower center of gravity. His bike has no fancy bits, and only a slight tune runing standard pistons and pipes. But as the year goes on I have no doubt by talking to him it will be going a lot faster as he gets things sorted on it . GOOD LUCK MATE .
I had a good chat to Scott and a nicer bloke you would be hard to find. I hope he sorts his bike out better for his next race, he has the right attitude he races for the fun of it .