Decal kits & stickers
If you want a decal making or one of theys in other colours then drop me a line specials can be made
Tell: 07947 892359
Please ring for a price on posting as it will vary from parcel to parcel.
My PayPal address is

LC and YPVS Graphics / Made from the Very best 15 year Vinel, You cant get better .

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RZ50. Allso available for the Red as well as this White Bike £55
RD 80 LC

RD80LC White Grey Black for Blue bike £55

RD80LC 3 Blue for white bike £55

RD80LC Kenny Roberts £55
I have no picture for this one Can you Help

White & Grey's 3 stripe for Candy Blue MK1 £55

3 stripe Blue for White MK1 £55

Red Blue Silver 3 stripe for White MK1 £55

White Blue Grey red pin 3 stripe for Red Blue MK1 £55

Black Bike MK2 £50 . MK3 YPVS Allso Available £55

White Bike MK2 £50 .MK3 YPVS Allso Available £55

Blue & Yellow MK2 , £50 MK3 YPVS Allso Available £55

RD125LC Kenny Roberts £55
Normaly fitted to a Yellow Bike but White can look good
RZ 50 LC
RD 125 LC

White bike Blue decals RZ125 MK3 YPVS Import £55
RD 2/350 LC

2 Stripe Blue on White bike £55

2 Stripe Red Black pin on White bike £55

2 Stripe Red Gold pin on Black bike " Marsbar" £55

Proam Kit "full" £20
Pan one's on there own £10

Proam Kit "full" £20
Pan one's on there own £10

Proam Kit "full" £20
Pan one's on there own £10

3 Stripe Blue black on white bike £55

3 Stripe White Silver Black on candy blue bike £55

3 Stripe silver red & Burgandy £55

3 Stripe White & Blue on Red Import £55

Proam Kit "full" £20
Pan one's on there own £10

Proam Kit "full" £20
Pan one's on there own £10

Proam Kit "full" £20
Pan one's on there own £10

Proam Kit "full" £20
Pan one's on there own £10

350LC Kenny Roberts Block £55

350 LC Kenny Roberts Eagel £55

LC KR Pan decals £10

RZ 2/350 LC Jap colours Black bike £55

RZ 2/350 LC Jap colours White bike £55

2 Tone Blue


2 Tone Red Black pin

2 Tone Red Gold pin " Marsbar"
Helmet Decals
Originally fitted to Bell helmets back in the 80s as a Special Edition. They can be fitted to any lid £25

LC2 YPVS Red block Blue pin White bike £55

LC2 YPVS Red block Silver pin Black bike £55

LC2 YPVS French Blue £55

LC2 YPVS F1 Style £55

LC2 YPVS Kenny Roberts White bike £55

LC2 YPVS Kenny Roberts Yellow bike £55

N1 White bike £55

N1 Black bike £55

F1 R/W/B £55

N2 Red & White Black bike £55

N2 Red & Blue White bike £55

F2 Gun Met £60

F2 RWB £60

F2 Blue & yellow £60

F2 Red block Black bike import £60

Brazilion 350 R YPVS £65

F2 Kenny Roberts £60
V4 500 YPVS

RZV 500R YPVS £55

RD 500 YPVS £55

RD 500 YPVS £55

RD 500 YPVS Kenny Roberts £70
I have no picture for this one Can you Help

Ignition £3

Custom Kits for Any Decal set add £20

LC Chain Guard UK & french £5

LC Battery layout £6

YPVS Battery Layout £6


YPVS Chain guard £5

MK1 125 E11 Frame £3

F2 YPVS E6 Frame £3

350 & 250 E11 Frame £3

Alloy or Carbon end can stickers £5 a pair

Chrome pertol warning £6

LC & YPVS Horn's £4

LC2 Iner faring £4

LC Clock Face Center Decal £5

MK1 125 Headstock £4

Kenny Roberts Signitures 210mm or 150mm £5 each

LC Clock faces Standard or Black with chrome forks £18

LC Clock faces brushed alloy finish or white £18

Alloy swing arm stickers chrome £10 a pair

End can stickers £5 a pair

LC Rec/Reg £3

Running in Decal £5

LC Shock absorber £5

YPVS Fork bottom decals £6

LC switch gear, Both Sides
Red dot / Silver dot £4

YPVS Switch gear
Black for polished switch gear
White for standard Switch gear £4

Veriable damper fork stickers
£6 a pair

YPVS Pully housing covers declas Jell £8 Foil £5

Yamaha 50th Anniversary Stickers
Clear and on Silver 90mm £4 each



LC Racing Wheel Rim dcals £4 a pair

LC2 White Face and Stabndard
N1/ N2 Standard clock face


These 2 kits due to the nature of the way the tank decals fit may need a little triming to get a perfect fit.

Brake plate sticker £2

For the center of the bars £2.50

wraps round the shocker £5

For the inside of the pro-am Front faring £5

For inside the full farings on F models ypvs and RD 500 £7

Pro-am Sticker £5
You Need to state wether they are being fitted over MPH or KPH clocks

LC2 Kenny Roberts
Single seat decal