Hi theys pics shuld'nt take to long to load. I dont have a pic of the red one yet sorry, but if you do please mail it to me like wise if you have a better quolity pic of any of theys feel free to mail it to me aswell thanks. The black one i dont think is a UK bike, note the graphics on the knose cone and bellypan. But i like the look of it so i put it in here anyway.
This was my bike some years ago it has a TZR style faring not standard on any 125 lc
Allso notice the side pannel and tail pice graphics are the same style on the black one and the fared one compared to the others .They where introdiced the year after the tick side panels.
Thanks to Tracy and Dave at www.RD125LC.co.uk for some of the 125 pics.