This is Dave Cowell from Bradford, he is the present Darley Moor LC champion. He is very fast on this bike. Dave was the only bloke on an LC with tyre warmers, infact he is the only LC racer I have ever seen with warmars on, this shows how much Dave wants to win
Daves bike wear's a Avon AM22 on the back and a Dunlop 124 front, his bike was tuned by ARD and runs on average a 140/150 main jet. His bike I think has TZ bits inside and is runing Yam YZ125 single ring crosser pistons. A very good mod indeed, they are designed to rev to well past 12 grand so in an LC should never blow, His pipes are chopped and sound more like Spanis than standard pipes, probably coned, they sound great. Dave has many sponsor's by the board out side his caravan wich helps when trying to win racers. Dave was not too bothered about talking LC or racing, more interested in selling me stuff. Its all about the win with this one, and when your bikes this fast why not .