Daves bike was sprayed by a friend and is the best looking LC race bike I have ever seen. I have seen a tidier but the paint on this really makes it. He loves the LC and I get the impression that he doesn't raceLC's because he cant aford to race the latest TZ's or a 600 but he realy loves LC's .
This is Dave Luscombe with his gorgeous LC. I think he's BRITISH, what do you think ? he he!!!!!!!!!! Nice paint mate .
Dave has been racing since 91 and is very good at it, he has raced TZ's and 600's in the past, but now races LC what does that say? LC's are the best i'm not bies't honest. He won the racing on this day. His bike sounded very sorted. His pipes have been very modified and sounded wicked only one other bike sounded as good ,the No 2 bike out there . He runs TZR125 pistons, they are stronger than LC one's and give a few extra cc. He runs Avon AM22 back and AM20 front like a lot of racers. He drilled his own disks, and runs an air box not filteres, his bike is very tuned and has a lot of mods done to it. It was tuned by Jerry Pell one of the best LC race tuner's there is. He has a trick Scirso Taco and a Magura quick action throttle. This bike is as sorted as they come, and is riden by a fast and experianced racer . I think he will win the championshiop this year .