RESPECT TO THIS MAN PLEASE . This is Denis Price from Bullwell in Notts. He is 55 years old and was the only bloke on an LC with the balls to race in the formula 400 class while the young LC racer's just sat and watched him. Nice one Denis respect to you !!!!!!!.
Denis used to race TZ's he has been racing for 3 years, he allso races some old time racer, this guy really loves racing, and races for the fun of it, not to be the fastest out there but just to do as well as he can and have a dam'd good time doing it. This was his first race on an LC. He bought the bike as a racer and hasn't done a thing to it, and has a Stan Stevens tune he was told . He was a very frendly bloke and I hope he does well, but if he doesn't I know he wont care so long as he can thrash his LC he's grinning and why not , Good luck mate !!!