10 Brake levers will fit A/C and LC bikes £3 each

Water hose . rad to pump £5

Cast Ally Yamaha Disks for the clutch cover LC & YPVS .
Theys are not so good they need drilling and would look nice on the wall of the Garge or Shead £5 each
All Items on this page are A/C , LC & YPVS Related . They are Odds and sods, End of line, or Discontinued
Or 1 offs i want to thin down .

Anthing you want just make a note as usual and add to an order
pay pal is twostroke.parts@yahoo.co.uk
call 07947 892359

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Tax Disk Holders £ some people still like to have them with an old taxk disk £2.50 any colour £5 for the ones with solid carbon backing

Chrome stem mirrors £10 the pair
60mm from Bend to Bend center

Wide Chrome bars £10

Air Cooled E/F & LC Mirrors They dont have the rubber around the rim , other then that they are good to go £12 the pair.

Air Cooled E/F & LC Mirror L/H It dosn't have the rubber around the rim £5

LC Mirroe L/H side with rubber rim . No threded part on knuckle £8

A/B Air cooled Rubber Brake line £10 each I have 5 only

D Model air cooled Hi Bar Rubber Brake line £10 I have 5 only

1AO Air cooled Throttle cables x 10 £100 thats just £10 each

Seat cover for YDS7 & YR5 £20 I have 6 only

TZR 250 2MA Clutch tool £15 each I have 3 only

Thermal back brace and lumber suport Belt 4 X small 88cm. 1 X Large 110cm. 2 X 122cm. £5 each
keeps yopur lower back worm and braces your back in rides out