Latest Up Date 26st Sep 2018


250lc Back Wheel seal cover

Top casing back breather

Cloth wrap Classic look
Silicone hose kit for that classy retro look
£45 Extra header hose £10

Ceramic Crank Bearings
The Ultimate crank bearings £400 a set of 4

Ceramic Gear Box Bearings
The Ultimate gearbox bearings £240 a set

Ceramic Water pump Bearing
Clutch ball £10 YPVS Only

Special TZ Roller Crank Bearings
£240 a set of 4

10 Ball Max load Crank bearings
£120 a set of 4
All Bearings Ceramic /TZ & 10 Ball Max Load come with Special Silicone Heat and fuel/oil resistant o rings Not the cheep Black rubber ones that come as standard on all other non pined bearings.
Crank Bearings can be pined for an extra £12 a bearing.

PWK Large Billet Flote Bowls
These foir the large pwk carbs £150 a pair

Water pump impeler cover
Gen Yam £8.50

Carb slide cable hold bolts Gen Yam £1 pair

Clutch pushrod
Gen Yam £7

Fuel tap knob fixing bolt
Gen yan £1