Latest Up Date 1st Aug 2018


Clutch side engine cover
£125 will fit LC & YPVS
"uses ypvs water pump cover"

Straight Cut Oil pump gear

To run an oil pump
matches the straight cut Primery gears

Twin hourn bracket
In the correct colour and perfect in every way
Limated stock £60

Stay Cool Thermostat Housing
Made from billet alloy comes in Machine Finish Silver or Anodised Black
£45 silver £48 black

250lc Back Wheel seal cover

Top casing back breather

Cloth wrap Classic look
Silicone hose kit for that classy retro look
£45 Extra header hose £10

Ceramic Crank Bearings
The Ultimate crank bearings £400 a set of 4

Ceramic Gear Box Bearings
The Ultimate gearbox bearings £240 a set

Ceramic Water pump Bearing
Clutch ball £10 YPVS Only

Special TZ Roller Crank Bearings
£240 a set of 4

10 Ball Max load Crank bearings
£120 a set of 4
All Bearings Ceramic /TZ & 10 Ball Max Load come with Special Silicone Heat and fuel/oil resistant o rings Not the cheep Black rubber ones that come as standard on all other non pined bearings.
Crank Bearings can be pined for an extra £12 a bearing.

PWK Large Billet Flote Bowls
These foir the large pwk carbs £150 a pair