Latest Up Date 22nd Feb 2018


PWK 33 mm 35 mm
Have now been added to the list od 28 , 36 & 38 mm

These carbs are Geuine KEIHIN Not Chinese knock offs.
33mm £340 35mm £350 38mm £360 a pair

Quick Shifter
You need a Ignitech or Zeltronic unit to use this.

You can full throttle and just shift up with this no loss of power and drive, Can be fited to stock or reasets with miltipal ajusters as shown. £70

Quick Shifter Change Light
Mount on dash and when you hit the red line the light changes to red £19
LC Billet rear sets
For fitting to Hybrids with rear disks
Anadysed £435 Silver £395

Kick start return spring

Oil feed inputs
These are screw in oil feeds for your carbs that arnt fitted with them £8 a pair

Mas Cyl top screws
£1 a pair

Frunt muddy Rivets
£1 a set

Screen nutts
For 31K and F2 screen bolts £5 a set

Apoxy Repair Rezin

Clutch side engine cover
£125 will fit LC & YPVS
"uses ypvs water pump cover"

Mas Cyl glass

Later LC & YPVS £8

Custom Bace Gaskets
LC & YPVS £8 pair
.25 .4 .5 .6st .8
You can shim up or down your barrelsusing a mis of any 2 if needed.

Clear clutch cover
Perspex cover and 4 O rings £25
Fits in all LC & YPVS casings
" Convershons £20 plus post back "

Bearing plug
To fit in the newer 16.75mm inner diamator bearing suport nut

Yam disk rubber outer ring

Yam disk rubber inner rubber

TZ Reed rubbers
£88 a pair

Clutch basket inner bush

1 Pice bace gasket

1 pice bace gasket