Latest Up Date


Power Dynamo Ignition
For the LC vastly smaller and lighter fly wheel an excellent up grade if your stator is broke With the addishon of a HT coil and CDI combined for even more performance . With up gread Rec/Rreg. Can all so be used with Zel or Ignitech race box
LC £ Ring for price £195

Stearing Lock A/B Gen Yam
With 2 Keys £32
A/B Stering lock cover Gen Yam

Ignitech race box
for use with ether standard LC or ypvs wiring for performanvce increes and for use with the DC srator and F2 fly wheel on a ypvs comes with Up load cable and CD compleat as shown
This is a proghramable ignition box and offers a large power gain once fitted £160

For the YPVS vastly smaller and lighter fly wheel an excellent up grade if your stator is broke. With up gread Rec/Rreg . Can all so be used with Zel or Ignitech race box
YPVS £ Ring for price 185
Air Cooled Page

LC Headlight glass Gen Yam
Propper KOTO glass £66

Power Valves
£165 a set

New Gen Yam Valve Bushes
£85set of 3

Water hose clip

Full LC set of 6 clips 5 standard and 1 big clip £21.50
Full ypvs set of 8 clips 7 standard and 1 big clip £28.50
New Rubber caps £3.50 each

Spark plug caps
NGK spark plug caps Black or red £2.50 each Rubber caps £3.50 each
Spark plugs
BR8ES & BR9ES £2.75 each
Lock set all on 1 key Gen Yam
31K and LC £135

LC Kickstart

Faring Z Brackets
125 Page

Kill switch red bit

Head light glass clips
Gen Yam £2.50 each L
patten £1.50 each R

31K & LC Bronze swing arm bushes
£30 a set

LC Fork Seal washer and clip
£5 a set as above

Reed pettal stop screws
30P each

Indicator Pinch Bolt Nut & Washer
Gen yam £4 for 4 pairs
Header bottle pipe
Gen yam £5

Gear shaft Kit "Fined Newtral kit"
This kit may help if you if have trouble finding newtral £11

Dog leg Nut & Washer
Gen yam £5.40

Exhorst Heat Sheald
fitting bolts & heat washers
£2.50 a set

Engine bearings From Left to right
Haynes ref #'s

#27 £36 / #3 £15
/ #16 selector drum £11 / #24 £15/ # 41 £16

Carburetor parts
Needle jets Gen £34 pair .. Needles Gen £24 pair .. Pilot jets Gen £12 pair
Oil pipe brass fitting for 28mm carbs and inlet rubbers £8 a pair
Main jets £5 pair .... Needle clips £1 pair .... Main jet washers £1 pair
Carb top gasket £4 pair

Carb flotes & pin
Jap made £27 a side

LC Pad Pin R clips
£1.50 a pair

Banchee racing coils brackets
£5 a pair

Stering dampers "All Jap made"
130mm stroke 375mm from tube start to eye of rod £130
90mm stroke 300mm From tube strat to eye of rod £120
85mm stroke 155mm from tube start to rey of rod £85

Racing reeds
Gen Yam racing reeds £45 a set "ypvs only "
LC & YPVS Hi tech racing reeds £30 a set
LC & YPVS Hi tech carbon reeds £35 a set

LC Reed pettles
gen Yam steel reeds £17 a set

YPVS Reed pettles
Standard steel reeds £17 a set

Air screw Kit YPVS
Gen Yam £12.80

Air screw Kit LC
Gen Yam £7.50

Tickover kit LC & YPVS
Gen yam £10

Air screw spring £1
Clutch Lever bolt Kit YPVS
Stainles steel £9 a set

Air box fitting rubbers
1 for ether side of the box on the frame £1 a pair

Clutch basket thrust washer
Gen yam £5.50

Head Bolt Washer
Gen Yam £1.50 each

Gear selector clamp
Gen yam £30

F2 Rear pegs
£25 each

F2 Rear peg washers
Gen Yam £6.80 pair

Radiator cap LC
Gen Yam £24

Faring screen Screws
F model's and RD 500
£2.10 each

Hhead light ajuster joint
F models
"often broke"
£3.85 each

Water pump cog fitting kit
Gen Yam £4.60

Flywheel fitting kit
Gen Yam £6

Fuel tap fitting Bolts & washers
£2.50 a set

Back mas cyl hose clips
£4 a pair

Back mas cyl hose Black Attachment pice fitting kit

N2 F2 Tank Front L & R Atachment Bracket rubbers
£6 the pair

top Inner Fring clip & faring Bolts X6
6mm clip £3.20 bolt £1.40

Small Chrome faring bolt X10
5mm £1.60 each

Faring clips X10
For all F models Gen Yam 5mm holle £1.25 each

Iner faring Gromet & Bush X6
6mm £2.05 a set as above

Large head Belly pan all models X2
6mm £2.50 each

Oil pump fitting Bush
Gen Yam £5.50

Thermastat Sealing O ring

Gen yam swing arm bushes
LC & 31K £28 a set

YPVS Back Master Cylinder kit
Gen Yam £10.95 / £7.55 / £7.55 / 8.55 . Full kits £34

LC Barrel stud
Gen Yam £17

LC & YPVS Engine casing Bushes
Front long & Back short
Gen Yam £24 long £22 Short

Faring bolt nylon washers X10
Gen yam £50p each

Barrel and head studs
Large X 2 needed £3.50 each
Med X 2 needed £3 each
Small X 4 needed £2.85 each
Silver Head studs X 10 needed £2.85 each

F2 front pegs
Gen Yam £47 each

F1 F2 Mirror bolts
Gen Yam £3 a pair

LC Fuel tap
OEM direct from the manufactorers in japan

LC Bearing Swing arm Conversion
Spindle and bearings Quality made in Japan
Not the cheepo made in china single bearing ones you may see .

ypvs Reflector Bracket
correctly Plated £8.50

ypvs Disk bolts
Gen Yam £19 a set of 6 as shown

Alloy plug
The small alloy plug at the end of rods in the engine
£1.50 each

Vibration Bar bush
Gen Yam £4.50

Back Mas Cyl fitting bolts
Polished Alloy £8 the pair

As Title
This ios a big book Hard back, pages on all the popular 2 stroke bikes an excellent read
Contact the Arthur direct £25

Gear selector peg X Long
With a longer 50mm thread for people with wider back wheels who need to space out the alloy hangers £20

Mas Cyl Boot

Reed Blocks
As seen with recing reeds and stops £55

Clutch damper rings
Gen yam £4.50 each

Clutch steel
Gen Yam £11.50 each

F2 Standard stator plate

ypvs top casing clutch Arm Bearing
Up graid with Extra rollers £8

Oil pump nylon cog fitting kit
Gen Yam £4.50

YPVS Gear selector fitting kit
Gen Yam £2.50

Gear selector star kit
Gen Yam £35

55 deg Gen Yam £41 With Rubber ring as shown

Brake pad support
F1 N1 F2 N2 £7.50 each

YPVS Clutch center ajuster Kit
Gen Yam £17.50
Tail light lenze Rubber Damper

3 Holl Exhourst Gasket
Gen Yam £5.50 each

Stator plate cover Boomarang
With clear lezxon to see the roter spinning £185

LC 2 Knose cone Brackets
These are for OEM Plastic farings and Fibber glass ones.
made in ST.ST £25

Oil Pump Bleed gasket

Stator plate cover Boomarang Black
With clear lezxon to see the roter spinning £185

LC Gear box
Sooper finished Gen Yam gear box With all new Gen Yam Clips as listed below Bearing not inclooded
£225 "Exchange"

LC2 YPVS Caliper Brake pad support
£ 7.35 each

Head light bowl side rubbers
LC £3 pair

Stator plate cover 3 slot Black
With clear lezxon to see the roter spinning £185

Engin Casing Bolt kit LC
Gen Yam & Olive Green £30

Engin Casing Bolt kit YPVS
Gen Yam & Olive Green £30

Gearbox clips
6 X med & 2 X small Gen Yam £22
For use when striping and rebuilding a gear box
Gear selector drum clip
1 X large clip far right Gen Yam £3

# 39:
H Smaller bush £15
For YPVS swing arm H pice

Cup & Cap Head race bearings
Budget alternative to jap taper roller bearings £10
Jap taper roller head bearings £35
Budget taper roller bearings £20

F2 / N2 Horn

Brake Fluid

2 Stroke Oil
510 £8.50 .............................710 £13.50

Engine Oil
10/30 £8.50 .................10/40 Expert £10.50

Fork oil
10W & 15W £10

Oil Pump Spring
Replace before it brakes £5

LC Gear rod
ST/ST and nurled £9

Bearing Clutch center ajuster Kit
smother action £25

headlight glass ajuster kit
Gen Yam £5.75
Gen yam clutch springs £3 each

YPVS Billet rear sets
Anadysed £435 Silver £395

RACING Power Dynamo Ignition
For the LC & YPVS
£ Ring for price £175

Gilera style seat cover
Fits the stanbdard seat phome £48
Side Lift handle
Made in ST/ST
£20 Or powder coated Black £25

350LC & YPVS Oil pump worm drive
NLA from yam £35

Back grab rail
Made in st/st They are slightley diferent to the unavalable Gen yam one's but still nice if yours is damaged or missing .

Back light tail tidy
Made from Sterdy thick alloy & powdercoated , Its munli ajustable to neeten up the back light , has the benafit of side wings to make a usable tool tray and a Short back muddy £60 compleat kit
Muddy part on its own £20

Chrome mini kick start
Looks great on specials Fits the same as a RD500 so you need to drill and tap the kick start mechanism, I can do this £25 exchange
Kick start £60
krincle Powdercoated £45

Not recommended for 421cc Hi compression motors

Mini kick start Fitting Bolt

ST/ST £18

Bcack Mas Cyl Pully pice Plug £1.50

Brazilion twin light YPVS screen

Throttle cable Hold
F2 £2

Billet manifolds
Now in black £125

Newtral switch
Gen Yam £27

PWK 28 mm
These carbs are Geuine KEIHIN Not Chinese knock offs. £295 a pair

PWK 36 mm Air strikers
These carbs are Geuine KEIHIN Not Chinese knock offs. £370 a pair

These can be used as a pair on a big bore motor or Singular on a standard or tuned motor Using My CV Carb set up/s £185 each

They come with all jets but jetting will be needed of course for indevidual bikes .

PWK 33 mm 35 mm & 38 mm
These carbs are Geuine KEIHIN Not Chinese knock offs.
33mm £340 35mm £350 38mm £360 a pair

These can be used as a pair on a big bore motor or Singular on a standard or tuned or 421 motor Using My CV Carb set up/s £180 each

They come with all jets but jetting will be needed of course for indevidual bikes .

Extra H/D Billet Clutch baskets
These come with rubbers and 8mm rivets and backing plate These are 7 or 8 plate baskets £135


Top Quality TZ Racing End Cans

These are the very best quality
They are a race can and have a 25mm bore. They sound out of this world i have a set on my bike.
250mm and now in 150mm
£155 a Pair

CV Carb Manifold
You can put what ever colour you like in the slots They come plain silver
CV Set ups give a far improved mid and bottom end performans and torqeand more top end compaired with standerd or 28mm carbs £180

3 Block Backing plate
Polished or Black £20

Coppy Gilera Seat Compleat
Gilera Seat covers

All New Cranks
7mm Stroker Cranks


Brembo Mas Cyl
Neet compact With no need for a bottle & line Fits Billet reasets £85

pipe spring holds
Weld on to the down pipe
ST/ST £2 a pair

Quick Shifter
You need a Ignitech or Zeltronic unit to use this.

You can full throttle and just shift up with this no loss of power and drive, Can be fited to stock or reasets with miltipal ajusters as shown. £70

Carb top cable inputs
45 Deg £8 each and 90 Deg £9 each

Clutch basket
Compleat with finel drive New bush rubbers & O ring

UFO . Carb Slide Insert
These offer a great performace increes adue to better flow threw the carb . You will ned to change the pilet jet due to the increes in fuel performance £75 a pair with all info for fitting

Yamaha LC350 & YPVS Primary Gears

The primary gears is for use tuned motors were every bit of perfomanvce is needed for racing or with the big bore engines above were power is vastley grater then standard motors.

As the engine RPM is reduced we have modified the ratio to take account of this factor and also the expected increase in top speed.

The backlash has been reduced in the cush drive to reduce transmission snatch.

The Set comprises crankshaft gear, clutch gear

Primary Gear Ratio
26-69 2.654:1

Standard Primary Gear Ratio
25-72 2.881:1

Increases overall gearing of the bike by 7.84%
Adds 8 MPH at 100 MPH

Clutch baskets Rubbers
£20 a set of 8
Stator plate cover Anodised Black
2 Pice £185 3 Pice £195

Optional backing plate £20
Stator plate cover machine finish
2 Pice £185 3 Pice £195

Optional backing plate £20

Infill for Boomerang stator cover

Anodised & Engraved £15

31K Grab rail
Made in stainles steel £50

F2 Grab rail
Made in stainles steel £45

Gen Yam Gaskets
350lc Head gaskets £45
350YPVS Head gasket £28
250lc Head gasket £45
LC Bace gasket £30 Pair
YPVS Bace gasket £40 Pair
LC Reed block gaskers£4.80 Pair
YPVS Reed block gasket £6 Pair
Water pump cover gasket £5
Thermostat cover gasket £5
Back of head water pipe gasket £1.50
Oil pump gasket £1.50
LC Full patten gasket Kit £20.50
YPVS Full patten gasket £31.50
LC Top set £15.50
YPVS Top set £
Clutch side gasket £11

F2 Rear peg kit
Gen Yam £5.90

F2 Front peg scrapers
Gen yam £18 a pair

Reed Block bolts
Gen Yam £8 a set

TIGA Stainles Steel Cross Over Pipes
Alloy cans £590 OR Carbon cans £740

Billet X blocks

These unique design Billet Reed Blocks run with a duel petal set up and give noticeable power increase across the rev range . £145 a set. Optional reed spacers £30

For inside the full farings on F models ypvs and RD 500 £7

For the inside of the pro an Front faring £5

wraps round the shocker £5

For the center of the bars £2.50

Brake plate sticker £2

Pro-am Sticker £5

Special reed spacers
Made for the X Blocks but can be fitted to any reed block £30

DC stator plate
Simple to wire in as just 3 wirers to wire in to the rec reg white wires , comes with Hi output pick up &works with F2 flywheel.
This runs with a Ignitec Box or PDCI Zel box. £50