Kiwi Jimmy and his race bike .

This is a Custom-made two-stroke V3 750cc, comprising three YZ250 top ends, each of which is heavily race-tuned. Peaks at about 11,500rpm. Not sure of the HP figures but a lot . Theys pics are taken at Taupo race circet

In the pics you will see the carbs are to the front, thus the unusual airbox, with the upper two exhaust pipes exiting directly to the rear, and the middle (lower) exhaust being rather convoluted. There are 3 pics of this bike under neath each other keep looking down, Its some bike !!!!!!

Note the sculptured down pipe no doubt needed top make the bike rin right.

Looks like a Dymag on the front and a Astro light on the back with Spondon disks . Looks like a second rad to help keep the bike cool.

Was' this bloke in the film wolf creek!!! This must be where all the money from the back packers went.

This is Jimmy mate Troy O'donahue at Taupo the same day as the following 2 pics .