Top Quality F2 Racing End Cans
These are the very best quality and are made with a standard 3 hole fitting and flange for any pipe or a blank end so you can drill & tap any stud patten so you can fit them to Microns nickons what ever.

They are a race can and have a 25mm bore. They sound out of this world trust me i have a set on my bike.

They have a CNC Billet Aluminum inlet and a Stainless steel perforated core with High Quality wadding. They have rolled alloy outlet spouts.
The Carbon ones have a custom Stainless Steel Rivet Strap with evenly spaced rivets all round.

The carbon ones are £140 a Pair

Stearing damper
Kawasaki type. 275mm. They have 6 setings £40

larger jap ones £135

Master cylinder top "Round"
Chrome finish Fits all 50mm caps £15

Power filters
Phome type £11
Chrome end type £10

Yoke Spacers for RGV
If you are doing a RGV yoke convershon you will need 1 of theys for the bottom yoke so the taper head bearings will fit. £5 each
Tapper head bearings are £35

Hi flow TZ tap

These are a must for all racers and anyone who is running bigger carbs these will feed any carb from 26 up to 38mm £22.

8mm T pices Nylon £3 Brass £6
8mm fuel line 1.5 ft £4.50

Lightend flywheels
They alow the bike to pick up the rev faster and will red line a little higher

They also give less pull on the crank giving it a longer life. This is one the best mods for your money £30 exchange

Braded steel brake lines
They are made from Hard drawn tensile Stainless steel braded teflon hose. The ends and fasteners are all Stainless steel.

They come as a kit as you see with bolts and washers all ST/ST. single line £28 all models.
Just state what model and how many lines.

These go between the barrel and the reed block . They allow a better flow of fuel to the transfer ports and manipulate air intake giving a better pick up and drive out of corners. No jetting is required with them, you just fit and ride £20 a set, with extra long bolts.

Lines can be custom make in Varouse colours.

Side Stand Bolt Stainles Steel £12

Digital Programable Ignitions
They are designed to work with your original stator and fly wheel. They are an excelent upgrade for a race bike and feel out of this world on a road bike. programer £60 Ignition Box £110. Optional up graded CDI to run with ignition box £70

All in 1 unit with PCDI-10 ignition & cdi £180

You can store 10 custom curves
Preset with some populer curves
Easy and fast programing at track or road side
You have 4 to 10 curve points
Instant monitoring of rev's via LCD hand held
Timing calculations for every 1 RPM change
They come with full instructions and speck sheets.

Extr long cable £18

Billet Clutch baskets
These are quolity Jap made race baskets for all models. they come with rivets and allen key as shown £90