Graham started to build the bike for his miss ,Which is why so much care and attention to detail has been spent during its many mods .It used to be sprayed pink but after they split graham had it sprayed it all black . With a seat height of 28.5 inc that's 3 ins , shorter then standard and a wheel base 2inch shorter , the bike handle's like no other graham tell's me . Added to that the holl bike weighs 310 1bs ,136.5 kg that's a good 50 1bs , 28 kg less then a standard valve .Graham had had the daddy of tuners " Gerry pell " give it a fettle for him and with the lomas pipes he fitted he has trouble keeping the front end down . Graham has sold it now but has many fond memory's of it .
Theys 3 images have crystal clear blowups click on them to see .the middle one has 2 images. It will take a min to load . but worth waiting for .
Graham owned this bike for 10 years ,doing the odd mod from time to time . The frame was made by Derek Chittenden of Heijira racing , Who also did the initial build up , Derek has also made the Aprilia style seat and subframe it's made from carbon-fiber and look's the bizz but not a seat for croozing I think .The frame and swinging arm is made from box-section steel .
This bike was built by Graham stewart .The man had deep pockets .You could have bought a teriss house with the cash this cost him to build .
Hejira steel box section .
Fuel tank Hejira made from alloy 3.5 gallon . Hejira carbon-fibre single seat and sub frame . Carbon-fibre front mud guard . Fairing TZ 250 D " modified to fit . no head lights . One off home made rear sets . Flush fitting indicators .
RD350 ypvs with Gerry pell tune Harpower reeds K&N filters shimmed head and Lomas pipes TZ clutch springs .
TZR 250 39mm forks . Astrolite 3.5 inch rim with 120/60 tyre . ISR 320 mm disc , Harris 6 piston Billet caliper and Brembo master cylinder ,braded steel hosing
Hejira steel box section swinging arm with Spax/Hejira linkage . Astralite 4.5 inch rim with 150/60 tyre . Harris caliper 220mm disk ypvs master cylinder .rear hugger .