Stainless steel full bike kit
MK1 & MK2 £30 MK1 kit, shown

Stainless steel engine plus kit
MK1 & MK2 £12,

For both sodes of the engine and reed block.

Stainless steel engine casing kit
MK1 & MK2 £12,
This is for joining the 2 halvs of the engine after it has been split for a crank rebuild etc.

Welcome to the 125lc trick bits page.
I will try and add as much as I can to this page as I see things of interest, or I get things made. There is not a lot here right now, but as time goes on I will be adding to this page .

125LC Chrome rad grill
With black mesh and side bars. These are a big improvement to the looks of any bike. Belly pans can be fitted with these £85

I am the only place selling them as they are now Discontinued by Renntec

Reed Spacer
These go between the barrel and the reed block, they are cut from 6mm alloy.

They allow a better flow of fuel to the transfer ports and manipulate air intake giving a better pick up and drive out of corners. By moving the cages further back slightly.,They shift power toward the bottom end for better drive. They also help reduce splutter and powerband lag that some bikes with a tune or pipes suffer from.

They can also go on standard bikes. No jetting is required with them, you just fit and ride. £10
Stainless steel extra long bolts are £2.00.

Lightend flywheels
Lightend flywheels for both 125 LC's models. They give a faster reving bike from 0 to the red line which will be higher by a few hundred RPM with one of these fitted. They also give less pull on the crank, giving it a longer life. This is one the best mods you can make for your money £40 if you post me yours.

Hi flow TZ tap
These are a must for all racers and anyone who is running bigger carbs. these will feed any carb from 26 up to 38mm powerjets £25.

8mm T pices Nylon £3 Brass £6
8mm fuel line 1.5 ft £4.50

Stearing damper
Kawasaki type. 275mm. They have 6 setings £40
Stainless Steel Tuning Fork
These fit in the standard Renntec Rad grills as shown
Side stand spring
Theys are Stainless steel and will look quight trick when polished £9.50

Stanless steel Top yoke bolt
They are £25 each

Available for MK1 and MK2

MK 1 with crappy sad looking standaerd yoke bolt LOL
MK II Yoke bolt
MK II & MK111 125 LC Wavey Disk

You can run standard callipers they are the same size as original disks, no extra hangers are needed for theys disks just replace your worn round ones just fit and ride away with theys trick ones. May not look the same as in the picturs

They are £75

Braded steel brake lines

They are made from Hard drawn tensile Stainless steel braded teflon hose . The ends and fasteners are all Stainless steel.

They come as a kit as you se with bolts and washers att ST/ST as well ofcourse. £26

Braded steel brake lines

They can be made to order in all the colours you see.

Stock lines are with clear cover and with a light tint cover. Theys are the very best you fined .

Speedo Trip Knobs
Made from alloy and anodysed black with the tuning forks engraved in the ends. £18 each
plane dished head (stabdard looking) £16

Mas Ccyl Top
Made from Billet A
Flame or Biohazerd £25

Alloy rear sets
Theys are a quolity Italion
reaeset they have spring loaded ball pegs so they snap up and down and stay there located by the ball and come with rubber pegs.

They all so come with alloy begs knurled insed of rubberas shown .£185 a set

Side Stand Bolt
Stainless Steel Engraved with the tuning forks MK1 & MK2 125LC £15
Fork brace
Black Italian Alloy fork brace as above MK1 only £85

Ignitech Road Race CDI
Fits all 125's inclooding MK3 ypvs. Performance CDI £150
Ignitech YPVS Box
Fits MK3 ypvs. £125