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For any Questions about anything you see or something you don't see and would like.
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Last updated 25th August 2019

Please make all cheques Payable to
LC Engineering

11 Bourne drive
NG15 9FN

Please state in the letter what the payment is for. Make a clear address label for the parcel and include a phone number in case there are any problems.

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For the very best post price try all links

I will parcel up and give you the KG and CM size of the Box

Then you can pay on your card, its faster and cheaper You get a tracking number and can insure if you like
If you're in need of bike transport, then this is a member of our forum and club and many people have used him with good reviews.

Parcel Monkey
Site Stickers have you got Yours
Increase your Cool and the BHP of your bike.
Fitting one of these stickers to your helmet will get you laid "its a fact"
Fitting 2 to your bike will increase its BHP "Honest"
Small stickers £1 A Pair
Big Car back window sticker £3

Used Parts 125LC 2/350LC & YPVS

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My PayPal address is
You need to add 5% if paying this way, it's PayPal's standard business fee. Copy the address and click on the PayPal button. Please list all items in the PayPal box so I know what the payment is for

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