Latest Up Date 6th jan 2024

Souper Trick Engine fitting bolts
Theys are the bolts that go threw the fixing brackets. ST/ST with ST/ST washers and ST/ST nylocks. Dished £35 or driled £45
LC & YPVS Trick bits Page

F2 fuel cap
As showen No outer rubber £30
YPVS page

YPVS Pully covers
Billet alloy Black or Polished £25
YPVS Trick bits Page

LC Swing Arm Bearing Concershon
Made in Japan £105
LC page

For somthing a bit special coloured pipes . These are not a race pipe just a small increes in mid and top end but look very nice and sound great . £500 plus end cans
LC & YPVS trick bits page

Dunlop Arrowmax
Gear looking paten £185
LV & YPVS page

LC2 Twin horn brackets
Gen Yam £30

YPVS page

YPVS Bush inserts
Brass inserts toi fit in worn ypvs bushes Or for below covers £10 each

Back Wheel Tab
. 1AO 22149 00 00
All below Air Cooled Page

Back peg kit
st st foot rest so no rust £20 per side
LC page

Back Wheel Nut


YPVS End Caps
Billet alloy Black or Polished £35 you can use your own bronze incerts . If you need a new incert add £10
YPVS Trick bits Page

Gear shaft repair mod
Made in the UK £20
LC & YPVS page

Vibration bar bushes
£20 a pair as seen
LC & YPVS T Page

Alloy Hanger Bolts
31K Left silver £6 ........................F2 Right black £10
YPVS page

Headlight Bulb Holder
LC & YPVS page

Instument lights
Early Air cooled
Indicators £6 . 360 88810 -01
Oil ilight £3 . 360 88810 -00

A.B 278 81611 20 £6 Pair
C.D 1AO 81611 20 £6 pair

Back wheel tenshon bar

Chain guard fitting kit

Foot hanger rubbers
A.B £18
C.D £18
E.F £14

A.B Model convershon kit Stator and CDI set up Vape

Stator cover Speed Block Black
YPVS trick bits page

N2 YPVS Mirrors
YPVS page

Side park light holder twin

Foot hanger washers
£4 each

Baloon grips

Carb Tob Ruibbers Witch's Hat
£16 a pair

Front mas cyl Diephrams
L small holls or R large holls please state witch matches yours

Back sprocket Cush rubbers
Please state with threds or without £36 a set

LC2 Kenny Roberts Single seat decal
Decals page