Its been a few years since I last went to see the club racers, but with the offer of a fee ticket the Saturday before the Sundays racing I just couldn't resist. My 5year old son and I raped up well and set of to the track, the first time in years for me and first time ever for him.

I had a chat with racers when we got there and they all seemed like a good bunch . They all race reguler and all new each other from last years racing. They where all parked up more or less together everytime I looked over i could see them all chatting well the 3 from last year anyway. The 2 in the above pic are new this year on LC's infact this was there first race. Im sure as the season go's on they will get to know the other racers as i found tghem very friendly.

The LCs had a good race with each other and the other Air cooled strokers around them . It seemed to be 3 in the middle of the pack and 2 at the back. For the 2 at the back this was there first race ever on at LC and I expect after a few more meetings both will be with the others when they have the bikes set up better and have got used to the bikes. 1 Poor sole was so over sprocketed at the front that he could not even rev out in 5th.

LC's At Mallory
The sun was out, but that's about as far is it went. It was a cold, bloody cold and windy as well. Not a day for the faint hearted but a few LC racers showed up for a tussle at Mallory, racing with the Early stocks race club on the 2nd March 2008.

The fastest LC out there was Marks pink peril. This is mark No 316 coming around the hair pin with John No 396 in hot persoot . But allas for 396 this was the vew most of the time.

It was a good watch, the LC race but the fastest stroker out there not an LC but an RD400E. This A/C was right at the front of the grid and so far in front of the 1st LC I bet the only time an LC racer saw the bike was in the paddock. This bloke was searousley fast and raced the big 4 strokes who race in the same Early stocks grid as the lc's and all the other X7's and air cooled bike of that eara.

What's that you say John? Bloody pink LC's getting in your way all the time.

Pinks for girls you say. That's fighting talk my lad. Get the spay can out john, you show him who's boss.

The cheek of it, Winning you bloody pink bike, he he he

John wardle
Mark Emuss
David barker
Andy wilson
Allan Cragg
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Well that was it for another day at the racers. A good time was had by all I think, but may be not so much my 5 year old who's little hands where very cold all time. Thanks to John fester sparky I'm not as fast as the pink bike wardle, for the ticket that got me and said cold son in for the day.
Thanks to all the racers for being so friendly and allowing me to ask them stuff for this page and put there mugs up here for us all to cringe at the site of.