Iv'e not been to the races in years, but as I was given some tickets by a nice young man I have helped out with parts and advice in the past who was doing his first race ever at Darley Moor on the 28th march 04, so I took my little girl and mrs to watch him and the L Cs doing their thing. There was no one there I knew, but I had a chat with some of the LC lads and most where friendly, we had a chat about their bikes and their racing . One bloke with 2 bikes a yellow and an orange isnt here cos after trying to say Hi, he just walked off and never came back, proving that not all LC racers are cool .There where some racers I would have liked to talk to but couldn't find them, However below are links to some pages of the guys I did find and have a chat with, and a few choice comment's about them and their bikes ( with one or two pics of their bikes of course ) If any of you racers at Darley or any where else would like a page on you, and your bike, or to add to these pages just e-mail me with any comments and I will be glad to add them .

Scott clements
Denis price
John wardle
darren shaw
Dave luscombe
Dave cowell
I would say a good day was had by all, there where bikes well modded and fast as hell and those just out for a ride not bothered if they won. just so long as they had a race with another LC. A few bolts came loose and a few things went wrong, but help was at hand from the other raceres so no one missed a race. There was a definate diference between the front runners and the rest of the pack, you could tell this by the sound of the bikes, they where well sorted and the pipes chopped and welded. A couple sounded more like spanis then standard pipes, these belongd to the race winners funny enough. Some had standard pipes with no mods, running standard 250lc pistons others resleeve'd with trick pistons and fancy modified ignitions. I will defiantly go to watch them again and maybe even have a race this year on my bike," he he he " but dont hold your breath. A days racing at Darley wich is the cheapest place to race, still costs £100 for just 3 racer's, after your ACU Licence and of course you have to join the club first as well, so maybe not . I'd only get my ass kicked anyway,"he he "